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How the Press works:

The BoneBac Press is a single-use device that captures bone and blood from the patient that would otherwise be lost during surgery. 

The Press is placed inline with separate suction that’s used during bone burring to collect autograft bone from the patient surgical site, without requiring additional graft harvest sites or procedures.

The BoneBac Press provides additional real bone during surgery at minimal cost.

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Autograft Bone is The GOLD STANDARD of bone graft material

Easy To Use



Use prior to removing bone for access and fusion preparation



Burr Bone using high-speed drill and collect bone chips and blood



Remove excess fluid with a few simple presses to create an ideal bone putty consistency

Award-Winning device for your tool belt

Best New Biologics Technology

 In 2011, the BoneBac Press was awarded Best New Technology for Biologic and Biomaterials for Spine Care by the Spine Awards

One of Becker Spine’s devices to know in 2017

Becker Spine recognized the BoneBac Press as a cutting-edge spine surgery device

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How to Use the Press

  1. Suction drilled bone from surgical site
  2. Bone and waste fluids fill the BoneBac Press
  3. Press fluids out of the bone graft collected in the BoneBac Press
  4. Obtain usable autograft putty from the BoneBac Press
  5. Produce graft with ideal handling characteristics for multiple applications


  1. Orthopedic & Neuro Surgery
  2. Cranial Skull Base Surgery
  3. Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery
  4. Foot & Ankle Surgery
  5. Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Made in New Hampshire since 2011