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Learn about Spinal Fusions

Spinal fusions need bone.

There are two goals to most every spinal fusion procedure:

    1. Stabilize and correct the position of the spinal column and vertebrae

    2. Fuse the vertebrae of the spine in the corrected position

To fuse segments of the spine, the Surgeon creates a bridge or column of bone between two adjacent bones (vertebrae) often in combination with a permanently implanted plastic or metal spacer (interbody fusion device).

During the preparation stages of spine fusion procedures, the Surgeons remove bone from the surgical site using a high speed drill to gain access, prepare an area for the spacer, and promote fusion by removing outer layers of bone.

The Surgeon creates small chips of patient bone that are normally removed with a suction tube and trapped into a container to be discarded.  

The BoneBac Press is a simple device that allows the Surgeon to collect your bone and easily re-apply it to your spine to promote fusion.

More bone allows more fusion.

Make sure your Surgeon has more bone graft available to apply as much as they feel is required, instead of being limited by how much processed cadaver bone your insurance will cover. 

Use your own Bone. save money.

Avoid unnecessary medical spending by reducing or removing the cost of purchasing someone else’s bone or synthetic bone graft substitutes.

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Autograft Bone is The GOLD STANDARD of bone graft material

Your own bone is the best bone.


What makes bone better?

Autograft  bone is widely regarded as the ‘gold standard’ due to it’s bio-compatibility and composition that enables bone fusion.


WHat is AUtograft?

Autograft is the term for the type of bone harvested directly from the patient.


Is it Safe?

Using your own bone is the safest option for bone fusions and reduces risk of infection.

Get a Free BoneBac Press

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Work with your doctor to approve the BoneBac Press for use in your surgery and your Doctor’s purchase is free.

Have more bone for fusion.

Do everything you can to ensure there is adequate bone graft material for your spinal fusion surgery by adding the bone that is harvested from your surgical site.

reduce your surgical bill.

Every CC of bone graft substitute needed for your spinal surgery can cost $500 or more. The average amount of autograft bone collected for a 1 level lumbar fusion is 8 CC, which saves more than 80% on bone graft cost.

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